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How can I deal with conflicts about carrying or giving birth to a baby girl?

The following are some strategies you may use to defend yourself and your baby girl if your husband or his family are putting pressure on you to abort a female foetus:

1. Point out to your husband and his family that without women no boy child can ever be born and therefore a girl child is always a blessing on society and necessary for the continuation of life in this world.

2. Explain to your husband that girls are pillars of the society. A girl can be a good daughter, a good sister, a good wife and, in the future, a good mother. If the practice of abortion continues for the next few years, we surely will see a day without mothers and thus no life. Without daughters, we have no future.

3. Tell your husband that girls are usually more obedient than boys. In general, girls show more responsibility, devotion and respect for their family, job, society or country than boys, and often they care a lot more about their parents than boys do.

4. If your husband and his family are still not convinced and blame you for "only having girls" ensure that they are aware of the following scientifically proven facts (which any doctor or health worker will confirm to be true, should your husband doubt it):
IMPORTANT: If at all possible, do not agree to an ultrasound scan or any other method of detecting whether you are carrying a boy or a girl. If your husband or his family try to force you to do so seek help and support. Maybe there is a self-help group for women in your area or, if not, you could speak to a person of authority you trust (e.g. a health worker, a religious leader of your community or a senior family member).