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How can I maintain happy sexual relations in my later years?

For some women, menopause means freedom from the sexual demands of marriage. Other women become more interested in sex because they no longer fear an unwanted pregnancy. All women, though, continue to need love and affection. There is no reason based on age alone that a woman cannot enjoy sex for as long as she lives.

As a woman grows older, some of the changes in her body may affect her sexual relations:
What you can do to prevent problems:

Try to take more time before having sex, so your vagina can make its natural wetness. You can also use spit (saliva), oils made from vegetables (corn oil, olive oil), or other lubricants like K-Y jelly during sex. Do not use petroleum gel or oils that contain perfumes to increase wetness in the vagina. These can cause irritation.

IMPORTANT: Do not use oils for wetness if you are using condoms. Oil will weaken the condom and it may break.

If it is difficult for your partner to get his penis hard (erection), be patient. Touching him may help.

Do not try to make the vagina dry before having sex. To prevent urine problems, pass urine as soon as possible after sex to flush out germs.