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How do I make sure to get enough Iodine?

Iodine in the diet helps prevent a swelling on the throat called goiter and other problems. If a woman does not get enough iodine during pregnancy, her child may be mentally slow. Goiter and mental slowness are most common in areas where there is little natural iodine in the soil, water, or food.

The easiest way to get enough iodine is to use iodized salt instead of regular salt.

Or you can eat some of these foods (either fresh or dried):
If iodized salt or these foods are hard to get, or if there is goiter or mental slowness in your area, check with the local ministry of health to see if they can give iodized oil by mouth or by injection. If not, you can make an iodine solution at home with polyvidone iodine (an antiseptic that is often available at a local pharmacy).