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I work away from home - should I breastfeed my baby anyway?

Many women now work away from their homes. This can make it hard for a mother to give her baby nothing but breast milk during the first 6 months. But your baby could get sick without your milk. A working mother should not have to choose between her work and her child’s health.

This is why working mothers need help. Some jobs allow a mother to bring her baby for a few months. This makes breastfeeding the easiest. If a mother has child care nearby, she might be able to breastfeed during the day, on her breaks. Some employers organize child-care centers so that parents can have their children close by.

Here are some ways to make sure your baby gets only breast milk while you are at work:
IMPORTANT: Milk that cannot be kept cold will spoil and should be thrown out. If milk smells sour or strange, throw it out. Spoiled breast milk can make a baby very sick.