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What are harmful ideas about men hurting women?

Here are some of the wrong ideas that people have:

„A man can do whatever he wants to his wife.“
The truth: No man has the right to beat his wife. Nothing a woman does gives a man the right to hurt her, even if he thinks she deserves it - even if she herself thinks she deserves it.

„It's just because he drinks...“
The truth: Alcohol does not cause violence, but it often makes it worse. Violence is also common in places where people do not drink alcohol.

„He wouldn't beat her if he didn't love her so much.“
The truth: Beating is not a sign of love. Love means showing respect and kindness.

„It's their business. It's not right to interfere with the private affairs of a couple.“
The truth: Violence is not just a family matter. Many women are hurt or killed. Violence is a social and community health problem.

„Only poor, ignorant men beat their wives.“
The truth: Violence is not just a problem of poverty or ignorance. Violence can happen in any home: rich or poor, educated or less educated, in the city or in rural areas.

„It's best for the children if she stays with him.
He can still be a good father to them.“
The truth: It is not always better for the family when a woman stays with a violent man. He is teaching the children terrible, wrong ways to deal with their feelings, and about how women should be treated. He is not being good to his children if he is beating their mother - or them.