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What are wrong ideas about disability?

About 1 out of every 10 women has a disability that affects daily living. She may have difficulties with walking, lifting, seeing, hearing or using her mind.

In this chapter we use the word 'women with disabilities' rather than 'disabled women.' We do this to remind people that although a disability can prevent a woman from doing things, in other ways she is just like other women. She is a woman first.

No matter what causes a woman's disability, she can be just as productive as a woman without a disability. She just needs the opportunity to develop her skills to their fullest.

Local customs and beliefs often give people false ideas about disability. For example, people may think a woman has a disability because she did something bad in a former life and is now being punished. Or they may think her disability is ‘catching’ (contagious), so they are afraid to be around her. Disabilities are not caused by anything a person does wrong.