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What can I do for my safety when I get ready to leave?

Save money any way that you can. Put money in a safe place (away from the house) or open a bank account in your own name so you can become more independent.

If you can do so safely, think of other things you can do to become less dependent on him, such as making friends, joining a group, or spending more time with your family.

Do you have skills that you can use to earn extra money?

See if there are ‘safe houses’ or other services for women who have been abused. These are special places in some towns and cities where abused women and their children can stay for a while. Try to find out before you leave if there is one that you can get to.

Ask friends or relatives you trust if they would let you stay with them or lend you money. Be sure they will not tell your partner that you asked.

Get copies of important documents, such as your identification or your children’s vaccination records. Keep a copy at home and give a copy to someone you trust.
Leave money, copies of your documents, and extra clothes with someone you trust so that you can leave quickly.

If you can do it safely, practice your escape plan with your children to see if it would work. Make sure the children will not tell anyone.