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What can I do if I myself feel suicidal?

If you have been feeling extremely depressed for a long period of time; feeling as if there is no hope left, no way to deal with all the problems you are facing every day, and nothing left worth living for, then you might think committing suicide is the only solution. However, the truth remains that suicide is a problem, not a solution. Even if you think there is no solution to your problems right now, it does not mean this other solution does not exist and will not appear in the near future. It just means that you cannot see it right now and you have to hold on tight to the reins of life.

Think for a minute: Have you always felt like you do right now? The chances are; there were times in your life when you did not mind so much, times when things were not so bad, maybe things were good even. Doesn’t that mean that something in your life changed to make you feel so down? And if it was change that caused so much pain doesn’t it also mean that another change can take the pain away? So be patient, the day will come when things change for the better. Life is a cycle of joy and sorrow, after all.

IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOTE: The following ideas might help you to overcome your suicidal thoughts: