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What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a problem in which the body does not use sugars in food properly. It can lead to blindness, loss of limbs, coma, or even death. Type 1 diabetes usually starts in childhood. People with Type 1 diabetes need to take a medicine called insulin their whole lives. Type 2 diabetes usually starts when a person is over 40 years old. It is most common in people who are very overweight.

A woman can also develop diabetes during pregnancy. This is called gestational diabetes. If you are pregnant and are always thirsty or are losing weight, see a health worker to test your blood for sugar.

What are Signs of Diabetes

Early signs:
Later, more serious signs: All these signs may be caused by other diseases. To find out whether you have diabetes, see a health worker, or do not eat for 8 hours and then go to a laboratory to get a test for fasting blood glucose (sugar). If your sugar level is over 125 on two separate tests, you have diabetes.