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What should I know about condoms for men?

The condom for men is a narrow bag of thin rubber that the man wears on his penis during sex. Because the man’s semen stays in the bag, the sperm cannot enter the woman’s body.

Condoms offer a good protection from pregnancy. They are most effective when used with spermicide and water-based lubricant.

Condoms have no side effects.

Condoms are the best protection against STIs and HIV. They can be used alone or along with any other family planning method. Condoms can be bought at many pharmacies and markets, and are often available at health posts and through AIDS prevention programs.

The condom must be put on the man’s penis when it is hard, but before it touches the woman’s genitals. If he rubs his penis on the woman’s genitals or goes into her vagina, he can make the woman pregnant or can give her an STI, even if he does not spill his sperm (ejaculate).

If a condom breaks or comes off the penis, the woman should put spermicide in her vagina immediately. If possible, use emergency family planning.