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What will happen if I go to the police?

In most places rape is a crime. But it may take a long time and be very difficult to prove you were raped.

Always take someone with you to the police.

The police will ask you what happened. If you know the rapist, tell them who it is. If you do not, you will need to describe what he looks like. You may have to go with the police to try to find him. You may also be asked to get a medical exam from a legal doctor who works with the police. This is not an exam to help you get well, but to help prove that you were raped.

In some countries, women have worked with the police to have specially trained female police officers to help victims of rape and violence.

If the rapist is arrested, you will have to identify him, either in front of the police or in front of a judge in court. If there is a trial, try to find a lawyer who has worked with rape cases before. The lawyer will tell you what to expect and help you prepare for the trial. Always take someone with you.

Going to court for a rape is never easy. Describing what happened may make you have the feelings of being raped all over again. Not everyone will be understanding. Some may try to blame you or say you are lying.