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Which can be reasons for changes in bleeding?

It is normal for monthly bleeding to change from time to time because of illness, stress, pregnancy, breastfeeding, a long journey, overwork, or a change in diet. But if a change in monthly bleeding happens suddenly, lasts more than a few months, or if it comes with other problems, it may be a sign of a more serious problem.

If monthly bleeding suddenly changes, always think about the possibility of pregnancy - even if a family planning method is being used.

Sometimes the ovary does not release an egg. When this happens, the body makes less progesterone, which can cause changes in how often and how much a woman bleeds. Girls whose monthly bleeding has just begun - or women who have recently stopped breastfeeding - may only bleed every few months, or have very little bleeding, or too much bleeding. Their cycles usually become more regular with time.

Women who use hormonal family planning methods sometimes have bleeding in the middle of the month.

Older women who have not yet gone through menopause may have heavier bleeding or bleed more often than when they were younger. As they get closer to menopause, they may stop having monthly bleeding for a few months and then have it again.