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Which kind of family planning should I use after an abortion?

After an abortion you can get pregnant again right away - in as soon as 2 weeks. Many methods of family planning take time to start working, so talk with someone about family planning and start using one of these methods as soon as possible.

The Pill:
You can start taking pills on the same day as the abortion. Do not wait more than one week.

Intra-Uterine Device (IUD):
If there is no risk of infection, a trained health worker can put in an IUD right after the abortion.

The first injection should be given on the day of the abortion, or up to one week after.

Implants can be put in just before or just after the abortion, or up to one week later.

Female sterilization:
If your pregnancy was less than 3 months, you can be sterilized during the abortion or right after it. It is very important that you make this decision carefully. Sterilization is permanent.

Male sterilization:
Sterilization for a man can be done any time and is permanent. This decision must be made carefully.

You and your partner can use condoms as soon as you have sex again. Condoms also protect against STIs, including HIV.

You can use spermicide as soon as you have sex again. Do not use spermicide if you have HIV, or if you have many sex partners.

If there was no infection or injury, you can be fitted with a diaphragm after the abortion.

Natural methods (mucus and counting days):
These methods do not work until your normal monthly bleeding returns.