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Which kinds of rape and sexual assault do exist?

There are many different kinds of sexual assault. But only a few of them are seen by most people as rape. For example, sometimes life events can push a woman into having sex when she does not really want to. This can happen in a marriage. Some married women are made to feel that having sex is their duty, whether they want to or not. Although society does not punish this type of forced sex, it is still wrong.

For other women, having sex is a way to survive - to get support for their children, to have a place to live or some money, or to keep a job. No matter what the reason is, a woman should not be forced to have sex if she does not want to.

In any relationship, a woman can choose to accept or refuse a sexual approach. If she refuses, the man then has a choice to either respect her and accept her decision, to try and change her mind, or to force her. Even if the woman knows the man and says “yes,” if saying “no” was not really an option, then it is rape.

A woman often finds it harder to ask for help if the man is someone she knows. It is also harder to feel safe if she must see him again.

Any time a woman is forced to have sex, whether or not there is other violence too, it can cause many problems with her health and emotions.