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Why should I consider the feelings and responses of those I leave behind if I feel suicidal?

How will your family and friends react to the news of your choice to end your life? What impact will it have on them? What impact will it have on your work, business and/or clients? Why should I think of them when I make such a personal decision as to end my life? These may be questions that rise in your mind.

Make no mistake. Suicide will have a devastating effect on those around you, and the effects will stay with them the rest of their lives.

Your suicide will probably cause many problems to those you leave behind, especially to your family. In addition to the grief and shock that they will suffer, they will probably be tortured by feelings of guilt and shame for the rest of their lives. They may also have to deal with social stigma or even expulsion from the community you live in.

Apart from these problems, there are the problems you yourself are trying to escape from when you contemplate suicide. These issues will not disappear at the point of your death, they will just transfer to become the burden of someone else, causing possible suffering to a loved one or someone close to you,

So think about this carefully before you take a decision.