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Why should I look for support if I feel suicidal?

Strong social support and strong personal relationships are very important protective factors for our mental health. Those who are suicidal often feel alone. You may have a partner, a family and lots of friends, but you still feel all alone. Just having people around us does not mean we are connected to them. If you are having suicidal thoughts you may think no one will understand or help you. But you are completely wrong.

Meeting together with other women can give you more energy, which then helps you cope better with your daily problems. It’s a small world. By talking together, people often begin to realize that many of them suffer from the same kinds of problems. This helps them lessen their burden and also helps them identify root causes of the problem.

Besides, it is easier to find solutions to problems by discussing them in a group or with other women. One of the other women might have an idea how to change your situation you have not thought of before - and vice versa. 

Sometimes women hide their feelings (or do not even realize they have them), possibly because they think or are taught that certain feelings are bad, dangerous, or shameful. Hearing others talk about these feelings can help a woman notice her own. Other women can help you think through a problem, so that you will not act on your first impulse without thinking. This is called emotional support, and it is especially important if you feel suicidal.