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Why shouldn‘t I use suicide attempts to ‘send a message’ or get revenge?

Be wary if what is driving you to consider suicide is ‘sending a message’ to others (this is indeed often the case, especially in female suicide attempts). Your actions might be driven from anger, jealousy, hurt or revenge, rather than a true desire to end your life, in which case you are acting impulsively.

You may have tried way too many times already, to solve the conflicts or problems that cause you so much pain and suffering, or to change your almost unbearable life circumstances. You may feel that no one around you is really listening or willing to help you. Or maybe, you have suffered a humiliating experience or experiences (for example your partner cheating on you, or your mother-in-law insulting or oppressing you all the time). Either way, now you are looking for a way to pay them back and make them suffer in return.

You may be having thoughts such as:
“Once I almost kill myself/once I die....”
Unfortunately, most of the time (about 99.90% of the time) the expected never happens. Instead, should you survive you will probably have to face even more repression and reproaches because you ‘dishonoured’ the family by your suicide attempt or are now considered to be mentally insane. And should your suicide attempt by some mischance be successful, you will be dead anyway and therefore unable to see the impact it might have had on other people. You cannot enjoy the possible grief, ruefulness or affection of others any more when you are gone.

IMPORTANT: NEVER use suicide attempts to ‘send a message’ to others.